Wednesday 16 October 2019

I'm a Dentist

Starting from 2017, I am a dentist again. 2018, I owned a "Dental Surgery" again after more than 10 years disconnected

Peoples start calling me "Doc" or "Dr". One thing missing is my name. Peoples not calling me my name. Can you imagine that your name is Doc?

It's great to meet my long lost friends and suppliers. Oh my god, the suppliers still remember me. Or they have to remember me? Hu hu hu. Leave it at the first statement to keep my positive thinking stay alive. I need that feeling. Anyway that's a great moment walking in an exhibition hall.

You have a clinic now. You can do your business. How? Still operating like 10 years ago? Nope for me. I'm old. Gimme some sort of easiness. Buy time and tech and start you work with confidence

One thing that I feel very useful in 21st century is CBCT. Go get it young fella. Really appreciate it. You can do a lot more thing with confidence. MOS, RCT, IMPLANT. Name it. You can see a lot and do more satisfaction job to your patients, but please choose the right one. Don't just buy and regretted it later. CBCT must be very clear, that can produce images that are pleasure to look at and present to your patients, easy to understand and use, find a supplier with a very good support


Wednesday 1 November 2017

Opening a dental office in Malaysia Part 8

Now the renovation all ready for inspection

Few things need to be seriously look at

1. All doors for patient access must be not less than 1200mm. Not even 1mm less. They are front door, surgery room door(s), X-Ray room door, including the corridor. I don't know what is the point for a private dental clinic, but the reason is for the stretcher to get in and out your 'Private Dental Clinic' easily. See the logic. Be positive man !!!

2. Patient's toilet door must be open outside. If you have a bifold door, it must be bifold away from the toilet (No normal contractor will fix the door that way, but you have to find a contractor who can do it for you). It's a new good business opportunity for the supplier out there. More money can be charges to the new owner of a Private Dental Clinic as it is a custom made door just for the clinic

3. Before the inspection, you have to hang on your Signboard. This is a new change to my case. Before the UKAPS told me, they just need a signboard design, today I have been told that they need a signboard hang on in front of the premise. This is a chicken and egg case. Who comes first?. If your City Council doesn't need the APC, you are safe. My City council needs an APC before they can give you permission to hang your signboard. If it is your case, don't worry; you can hang over the banner first. Hope the UKAPS officer is ok with the banner.

4. The direct translation for 'Klinik Pergigian' is a Dental Clinic. You must not use the word 'SURGERY' on your signboard. I'm not sure, but maybe they said, that now your nurse can do the scaling job for you in your clinic if you are not around, as the DENTAL CLINIC definition in English means, a school clinic in which minor dental work is carried out by dental nurses.

5. Under the sink drainage must not have a trap tank. All water must flow freely to the drainage.

6. If your clinic is at the ground floor, you must have a ramp for a disable. You can find a ramp guide for your clinic from Uncle google (not a rocket science). I also provide the ramp for my first floor dental clinic.

That's all I can remember. Wish me luck on my Pre-Registration Visit next Monday on 6th Nov 2017

Thursday 26 October 2017

Dental Renovation Progress 9

I'm ready. The next step is a pre-application inspection supposed to be perform on Wednesday 25/10/2017. It's postponed due to one of the officer from KKM is not available. Another date will be announce in November. It was great

It gives me time to seat back and look at what are the things that maybe need to change in order to pass the inspection. Few issues need to be put into attention.

1. I need a signboard. A printed signboard design on a piece of A4 paper will do if I don't have a physical one. Bahasa Malaysia words must be bigger than an English Words.

2. Toilet byfold doors must be open toward outside. It was inside before. Changed it

3. A CF for autoclave and suction motor must be present to the officer. Done.

Made doa for me please

Monday 16 October 2017

Dental Renovation Progress 8

Ready for inspection. All requirements checks. 


Surgery 1



Thursday 28 September 2017

Dental Renovation Progress 7

Front door installed

Waiting for a magnetic lock


Counter installed

Monitoring from afar

In progress

Cabinet people working hard and very quick. Highly recommended 
Glass wall Installed

Almost there

Pantry cabinet

Surgery 1

Friday 22 September 2017

Dental Renovation Progress 5

Nearly there. Waiting for the cabinets and glass wall. 

Waiting area

Staff area

Surgery Room 2

Surgery Room 1

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