Monday 1 January 2024


2023 taught me a lot of lessons. All material prices have risen, as have overhead costs, yet our service prices have been forced to fall. 

Will the service provider be willing to reduce the profit margin? 

If they say no, they will do three things. To begin, cut the overhead, then lower the quality, and last compete for quantity. The price war is getting worse.

If they answer yes, they will not sacrifice quality, resulting in long-term tension and despair, eventually leading to the closure of the business.

Which method do you prefer? I will not compromise on either quality or pricing. I need to find a way to maintain my enthusiasm for my work and I will not jeopardise my patient's delight

If you agree with my philosophy, come to me. ESAE Dental Surgery, Ostia Bangi. 03-89200923. WhatsApp 012-9871105

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