Friday, 22 September 2017

Dental Renovation Progress 5

Nearly there. Waiting for the cabinets and glass wall. 

Waiting area

Staff area

Surgery Room 2

Surgery Room 1

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dental Renovation Progress 3

Future X-Ray room plastered

Wall and ceiling run simultaneously 

Dedicated and committed 

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Accidentally found this design out of a mistake.  It turn awesome 

My future office

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Dental Renovation Progress 2

I don't have time to wait. All must be working together. I have waste too much time waiting. Some people told me, buy time, it's not expensive, it's priceless. 

Future X-Ray room

Partition up as soon as the plumbing work done

Many worker good for speed, but your project manager must be almost perfect. He need to be very alert and act fast if he find something wrong. If not, you will loose your hard earn money, to do the job it again. My project manager always seen on site

First thing first. Floor hacking must be completed first. Wall hacking for wiring can be left behind
My contractor work day and night. You are a star !!!!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Dental Renovation progress 1

Having a halt for a few weeks giving me plenty of time to organise with the contractor. It's like getting ready for a 100 metres male running sea games event, we just need a starting gun to blow.

Once we got the approval, we just go with the plan. My contractor is working until late at night. There are many problems as we go along as plan is only good on paper, but most of the problem was already anticipated during the plan period. These unexacting changes of plan can make everyone easily lost control. That is why you need to choose your contractor carefully. Alhamdulillah, WAHISMA is very patient and have a high tolerance in dealing with it. I highly recommended them for any of your future renovation work. But they are not alone. They work with other contractors like aircond, carpentry, electrician, network, CCTV and dental supplier.

Hacking all the floor and wall takes 1 day, plumbing, CCTV and network 2 days, aircond installation about 2 weeks, wiring and fixing about 3 weeks, because they need to start early but finish their job after the ceiling and wall completed. One more things to consider is you need to get ready with all the material needed during each step. I think you need to get ready with the materials in the construction area at least 1 day ahead hu hu hu

My suggestion during this stage is you need to start with wiring, plumbing, and aircond at the same time and at the same speed. Your progress really depends on their speed before you can start with the next step, which is wall and ceiling. The aircond installation run a bit slow, it's kind of a dragging to slow down the other works.

Bear in mind, that you really need to be there at least once a day just because, you are the one who really knows your workspace and flow. You need to feel happy and comfortable with your new practise. The contractor don't have the same feeling with you and they will be gone the moment they hand over the unit to you for your next journey

Plan carefully

A bit tricky as the plumbing need to have a certain angle to let the water pass easily

Future X-Ray room measurement must be exactly or bigger

Surgery room

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