Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Life is a journey. During my school days, as a prefect, we do have a weekly meeting. As a junior prefect, I don't have much to say. Just listen. In one of the meeting, our mentor asked us to draw something. I was blured. I was young.

My senior, one of the best student in SRP, (now the Health Director at Hospital Sultanah Aminah JB), came out with railways track. Our mentor said, this is brilliant. I was blured, but slowly noded, he was right. Life was a journey, never end.

Actually, I like drawing, and I know that I got talent. You have to believe it. The ability to draw on paper, teached you to draw it in your mind. You have to imagine far beyond. Sometimes, this will be a problems in communication. You can see what other people can't. If you couldn't choose the right words, the other party might misunderstood what you really mean. Some poeple define this situation, as a sensitive person.

But this sensitive sense could damage yourself. Sometimes, your definition gone wrong, and become dengerous if you strongly believe that you are right.

In my early days, I often run away, but later I realized it shouldn't be like that. Life is a journey to solve the problems. Gradually, I build up my confidence and face the problems.

Today, 11th May 2010, I'm 40. Happy Birthday to me.

Tulisan di atas telah wa karang di kala umur wa genap 40 tahun. Namun wa tak post ke blog yang telah lama wa tinggalkan ini. Hari ini tiba tiba wa ingin menulis semula, di kala umur wa 40 tahun, 3 bulan, 8 hari, 21 jam, 26 minit.

Banyak sungguh perubahan yang berlaku dalam kehidupan wa selama masa 3 bulan tersebut. Tiba tiba wa rasa hidup wa beransur kembali seperti kehidupan wa 3 tahun nan lalu. Wa terasa kembali sibuk. Ia seperti susunan puzzle. Setelah jerih payah menyusun suatu yang tidak pasti, kini mula menampakkan gambaran apa yang disusun. Alhamdulillah. Biasanya setelah gambaran dikenalpasti, susunan seterusnya menjadi semakin mudah Insya Allah.

Cuma seperti kebiasaannya sebelum ini, setelah kita berjaya menyusun puzzle, kita cenderung untuk memecahkannya kembali. Wa mohon pada Allah swt, agar diberi kekuatan, agar susunan puzzle kali ini akan wa frame seutuhnya hingga ia menjadi tinggalan kenangan yang indah untuk dikenang di kemudian hari. Amin ! ! !

Monday, 10 May 2010

Nice day

Today, I can smile a little. I received a letter from my bank saying that my old card will be replaced with a new one. It is changed from a STEP account to a Visa Debit card. It's debit card, not a credit card, I have to mention this again as I strongly prohibit myself getting acquainted with any credit cards, at least not at the moment.

Do you know, my STEP account is a very basic account. On some occassions (only some), I cannot use it for internet transactions as it's not at a standard account card. Maybe, the card holder is not good enough to have money in their account. When I first applied for the bank account two years ago, I nearly gave up. I faced so many problems, many rejections, many documents needed to be attached. Just because at that time, I wasn't working. It was difficult to convince the bank indeed on why I needed the account to be set up.

Hi hi hi I can have a little smile today, hope more smiles are coming up tomorrow and in the near future.
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