Monday, 2 December 2013

2 Dec 2013

My friend comes and pay me a visit. He and his friend were flew from USA. He said he bought 35 Harley Davidson bikes in USA. Wow. I have rice, but they wanna a 'teh tarik'. Can you believe me. Yes we do have a 'the tarik' in Birmingham. Even tough it's not as good as a teh tarik in mamak stall down in Kuala Lumpur, but it's a teh tarik.

So, we went out. It's 10 pm and it's cold outside. He rent a Citroen Picasso. New car, year 2013. I don't like it. But it's the cheapest he can get. All in all, the car rental is cheap, but additional option makes the rent not so cheap.

The journey take us about 20 minutes. It's called Lahore. I had a a cheese burger with french fries. He had a kebab donner. The cold killing me. I had a headaches. Get home, I go straight to bed. I need a rest.

My friend stay on the sofa bed. I bought the sofa bed in July. So far been using it regularly. I have quite a number of visitors lately. Their comment about the sofa bed is amazing. So if you like to consider buying it, you are free to search at Darling of Chelsea.

My friend went to Spain on Sunday. I decided to go to Bullring that afternoon. I really forget that it's December. Christmas month. It's jam ! ! Bullring is full of peoples doing the Christmas Shopping. I just stop at Game and try my luck if the pre order stuff is here for collection. It's ready and I got it. Hu hu hu. Anyway, I don't use it much. I'm not a techno guy. Just leave it to my sons, and they set up everything.

That night my friend come to advise me on the account and HMRC thing. We have to continue some other day. Still got problem 

I took 2 tablet of paracetamol. My headaches getting worth. 

It's Monday morning, Aiman and Amir were not going to school today. Aiman had a stomachaches, and Amir had a headaches. After sending Anas and Maisarah to school, I took the Viano to a tyre garage to seek some advise. This garage has been suggested by many other garage if we want a reasonable price tyre. Tyrerus. Check it out. There is a vibrating on the steering wheel, and the Viano tend to move to the right. Upon check by the tyre man, he suggested that the tyre is badly damage. He can change the tyre, but can't do the alignment because the viano is too long to fit on their ramp. So I just change the tyre. The vibration gone, but I do still need to do the alignment


On the way back, I bought a half lamb. My wife is coming this Thursday. Hu hu hu. 
Aiman is going to the gym at Fitness First every Friday. He use Cikgu Di's card and he can enter the gym free on Friday. He cycled every Friday. During winter, 4 pm were dark already. So I bought him a light for his bicycle. It delivered today. Cataye bike light


One of my favourite tv program is Top Gear. It's 13:24pm. Email Message has been answered and done. FaceTime call from Madeehah. 3 more days

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