Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sun shine

Yesterday Britain was blasted by an extreme weather event as Artic blizzards bring the biggest snowfall for almost 20 years

London and the south-east could see up to 15cm of snow in the most widespread fall for 18 years. This winter has been the coldest for 14 years and the last time Britain experienced such widespread snow was in February 1991, when about 15cm of snow fell in London. Everyone talk about tomorrow weather. I'm not working tomorrow, so no big deal

Today I have set my mind not to deliver food to Birm U's surau. Alhamdulillah Mama had an order from Malaysian student Assoc, for GBP30. They come and collect the food from my house. All my kids stayed at home and not going to school.

But, no snow in the morning, not in the afternoon. The sun shining. Some of the snow keep melting.

This morning at Mama's Dept of Cancer Research, Birm U

Snowman, at last, after using all of the snow at the back garden

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Dicken said...

Pergh! Amir macam World's Strongest Man. Tapi WSM angkat batu, ini menyangkung?

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