Monday, 7 August 2017

Opening a dental office in Malaysia Part 2

I have a go for my layout plan. On 7th August I went to Menara Sunway in Shah Alam and met Aina. Very easy to park your car, but careful as the parking entrance is a bit narrow. Not many parking spaces, but there are not many cars either.

Register your name on the ground floor, take a lift to level 10 to get a pass. Then proceed to bahagian pergigian at level 11. All checked on the check list except I didn't have a degree copy. What happen is I have lost it and don't know where to find it when I want it.

You have to provide what they are asking you to provide. No less. Very strict I tell you. Less 1 items means no submission. Get it? Work harder man.

I contacted my university to get a replacement or a copy of my degree. My university asked me to email them a police report and a letter saying that I need a degree replacement. Balai Polis Bangi is the nearest and all done with flying colour. Got a patients already, hu hu hu. OK Mr Police, as a man of keeping Malaysian safe, I'm gonna give you a special dental treatment. Do come to my clinic and produce your police id card please.

You know what, actually you can submit Borang A online. What a technology, hu hu hu. But always remember, in Malaysia, you need to submit all the documents by hand okayyyyy. Don't forget. Be a good boy !

So I need to wait for the degree cert copy. New thing to add to a new clinic application. 1. You need to have a freezer to keep all your dirty clinical waste and sign with one of the sharp bin management. 2. You also need to have a portable oxygen tank even if you don't know how to use it.

At this time, you actually can ask your supplier to hand over a mechanical and electrical layout plan. Once you get that, you can ask your contractor to give you the quote. At this point also, you can proceed with the leasing if you need one,  you need to make a decision on all the computer and network wiring, cctv if you need it. Easy get busy. Oh I always hear this easy get busy in UK. Miss my colleague !!


Can I have some kind of this working environment please. Lovely 

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