Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Opening a dental office in Malaysia Part 3

Great help from Dr drg Kosterman for helping me out with my degree. Until I get the replacement degree certificate I can't proceed with the UKAPS. I would like to thank everyone involved in this project. I called them 'My Team'. At this point, you need an understanding from your team, the landlord, rental agent, contractor and supplier. Their understanding to time scale of work is very important, because chicken and egg theory is not helping. You just need to start somewhere. To my teams above, you are awesome !!

Good news is that my floor plan has been accepted, so I can ask my contractor to do the marking for the renovation. It's easier to imagine every rooms on an exactly floor in the real shop lot. I do a small amendment to the floor plan base on the flow of the clinic.

From the initial marking plan, the teams can lay the real plan for the plumbing, electrical, network, CCTV, and everything else.

I choose to go toward online service as far as I can. Now my previous loyal patients, and my new patients can contact me anytime, and also can make a request for an appointment 24/7 using the apps. They just need to download a free apps called XInfo, and ask for their ID and password from me. They can find my clinic basic info from the apps. The apps can be found in iTunes or you need to search if you using android


Anonymous said...

I guess can be found on App Store ;)

Dentist and Me said...

Yes you can Sis

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