Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Opening a dental office in Malaysia Part 5


To all Malaysian Dentists out there, some time in your life, you might loose your degree. It can easily happen to us. We move from place to place, we grow our family, we change our priority in our life, any of this gap always have a chance for your degree to hide away from you. Without your degree, you can't open your dream dental clinic. I strongly advise you to keep your copy online, in your hard drive, cloud or where ever you can think of. It's a psychological pain to find it again especially when you really need it.

To those who already lost it, don't worry mate. We have a very supportive Malaysian Dental Council and of course they have the ability to keep a copy of your degree in their safe. What you have to do is email them and kindly request a copy of your degree. Within 24 hours you will get it in your email.  Thank you Nur Syhida Hamzah, and thank you to Malaysian Dental Council for the excellent service. You are a star !!!!!!!

I emailed them today at 1:30 AM, and Alhamdulillah at 1:00 PM today, I get a reply with the copy of my degree attached. Now I can proceed with UKAPS. An appointment was made with UKAPS on 8th Sept 2017. With UKAPS approve application you can start your renovation. What a release.

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