Sunday, 25 January 2009

Belated Birthday for Maisarah and Amir

Here Saturday came again. And this Saturday is a big Saturday for my kids ... and me too. It's because we got a visitors. They came again, yeehaaaa ! ! ! This little cute (in the middle) princes is here again, with her fevourite word .. nope and because (sound like bekes)

They come with their uncle and aunty. My wife's youngest brother. We were not at home at that time. So they have to make a quality time outside my house. Hi hi hi well done nieces.

Soon to be migrated ...

Actually, the most awaiting time is today, Sunday 25th Jan. We are celebrating Maisarah and Amir's birthday. We invited our friend

The guests start comming at 11:10 AM

Ustaz Khiarun start the event by Yassin

Among the guest (total up to 90 peoples)

After beryani, it's time for birthday cake

Thanks guys for turning up esp for my BIL's family who give us their precious time (they supposed to be with his boss from KL this weekend but family first, awwww ! ! ! ).

This is my neighbour. Kak Yah is part of the chef

My wife's youngest brother with his best pose of the weekend

So many presents. Thanks to all the guest. I really don't expect this small gathering turn big especially for my kids

And this is my front rented house


somuffins said...

Hepi besday to my cucu2. Moga menjadi insan yang cemerlang gemilang dan terbilang (cam Mama). Dentease, suasana cam kat Malaya jer ek?

Dentist and Me said...

Khanz Malaya pernah dijajah oleh British, jadi mereka ikut stail Malaya la kot, awwwww ! ! ! Tersedak wa you know

uncle jack said...

Rumah tak bertanda @ bernombor tu. Susah nak cari..hehehehe

hana said...

salam k.mai..
datang dr kanazawa nih.. hehehe.. tQ 4 d wish! ramai kerabat kat sana yerk! meriah sungguh! epi belated besday 4 maisarah n amir ye!

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